Lower Back Pain

Low back pain afflicts 80% of Canadians – even more commonly than headaches. The spine and surrounding tissues provide both mobility and stability for the entire body. As resilient as this may seem, the intricacies of the lower region of the spine can be prone to injury and require much more preventative attention than one may think. The low back is referred to as the lumbar region and typically consists of five vertebrae with cartilaginous discs resting between them. This portion of the spine is meant to stabilize and carry the weight of the body. In addition, the lumbar region consists of bundles of nerve roots that provide motor control and sensation to the lower extremities as well as digestive, circulatory and reproductive systems within the abdomen.

Treatment For Lower Back

    Spontaneous movement when lifting or carrying, impact injury during a motor vehicle accident, degenerative disc disease, disc bulge or herniation, stress tension, osteoporosis and osteoarthritis are all common triggers that can cause injury and pain to the low back and surrounding tissue.Not only do low back injuries cause pain but they can also limit movement making it difficult to carry out simple daily tasks. While low back pain commonly begins as an acute injury,an undiagnosed and untreated condition can often become a chronic problem.

    Treatment for low back pain varies depending on its cause. At Synergy, a multidisciplinary team consisting of chiropractors, physiotherapists, athletic therapists, registered massage therapists, acupuncture providers and kinesiologists will provide a sufferer with careful attention of one or all practitioners to reach the most comprehensive and cost-effective and evidence-based approach to treating their low back pain.

    Treatment Options

    Chiropractic Care

    Numerous scientific medical and chiropractic journals have docuemented the effectiveness of spinal manipulative therapy for the alleviation of various low back pain disorders. Additionally, our chiropractors use a number of gentle stretching, mobilization and soft tissue techniques along with medical acupuncture to eliminate low back pain.

    Massage therapy

    Different techniques of Swedish Massage, Counter-strain Strain, and Fascial Release Techniques to name a few are used by our RMT’s to alleviate various lower back pain complaints.


    Gentle manual therapy techniques, along with electrotherapy and exercise prescription (i.e Mackenzie protocol and Core stabilization) are utilized by our PT’s to effectively assist various lower back pain complaints.

    Lumbar Traction/Distracton Therapy

    Our traction table uses a computerized mechanical system in order to gently stretch the spine and implement the effects of negative pressure on the vertebral discs and spaces between them. This negative pressure relieves compression, creating a vacuum effect within the discs that draws in oxygen and nutrients to promote restoration and rejuvenation, as well as passively stretching the muscles of the lower back.

    Many low back injuries are preventable through education and being more attentive to eliminating bad habits. Lifting objects with your legs while keeping your spine upright in proper alignment and using lower-back support when sitting for long periods of time are only two of many tactics to avoid low back injuries. Managing stress and practicing a healthy and active lifestyle will absolutely help with the prevention of low back injuries. The specialists at Synergy Rehab & Physiotherapy will devise a specific and appropriate treatment regime for each patient as well as providing education to prevent re-injury in the future.