Post-Operative Therapy

Along with rest and medication, active rehabilitation is necessary for a successful post orthopaedic surgical recovery. Active therapy offers rehabilitation for post-operative patients from a variety of surgeries including knee reconstruction, rotator cuff repair, hip replacement, carpal tunnel relief and vertebral fusion.Post-operative rehab fulfills patients’ desire to return to normal activities of daily living (ADL), allowing them to live without discomfort or the need for assistive devices in the future.

Once cleared by your surgeon, Synergy Rehab & Physiotherapy Centre’s team of physiotherapists, athletic therapists, chiropractors and registered massage therapists will initiate the most optimal route of recovery.

Basic Treatment Protocol

    1. Ice and electrical stimulation treatments may be used during the first few rehabilitation sessions in order to reduce swelling and pain.

    2. Range-of-motion exercises are appropriately incorporated in therapy, beginning with passive stretching. Depending on the details of the surgery, passive exercises may be initially used where the joints are moving but the surrounding muscle remains relaxed until further healing is evident. Passive exercises are also helpful when repeated at home to shorten recovery time.

    3. Manual therapies will be introduced to further manage any pain or muscle tightness.

    4.Later in the rehabilitation process, active stretching and strengthening exercises are introduced to re-build power and muscle endurance.

    Having an injury cared for as soon as possible following surgical procedures is imperative; however, this must be balanced with the need to protect the healing muscle and tissue to promote healing.

    Our therapists understand the desire and importance to recover post orthopedic surgical procedures and Synergy Rehab offers a welcoming and supportive facility with dedicated professionals who will assist patients to regain their optimal level of function.