Posture Correction & Maintenance

A straight, correct posture is more than just a means of appearing alert and confident — it’s also critical for your health and wellness. An unbalanced posture can place extra strain on muscle groups, joints and nerve tissue, causing chronic pain and other symptoms without you even realizing the source of your distress. Fortunately, Synergy Rehab & Physiotherapy can provide relief for posture difficulties in Vaughan, Woodbridge, Maple and surrounding areas.

Spinal misalignment, Poor arch support & other Posture challenges

    An obvious slump, slouch or other signs of poor posture are sometimes dismissed as laziness or sloppiness by onlookers — when in fact the real issue is an underlying musculoskeletal imbalance. Some postural problems are congenital, such as unequal leg length or foot abnormalities. Others are created by a spinal misalignment that may occur suddenly (in an acute accident) or over a long period of time (due to degenerative changes in the spinal column). Weakness in the muscles that support the spine may play a role in poor posture.

    Posture difficulties can also occur from the bottom up. Uneven or inadequate arch support, often aggravated by unhelpful footwear, can disrupt alignment and weight distribution throughout the body.

    Modern life seems to encourage postural problems, even when you’re sitting down. If you spend hours hunched over a computer, for instance, your neck, back and shoulders may suffer. (There’s even a painful phenomenon called “text neck” caused by the abnormal head and head postures associated with mobile device use.)

    How Chiropractor Can Help

    Chiropractor can evaluate your posture, arch support and spinal alignment to determine whether and why your posture is off kilter. This enables us to prescribe safe, non-surgical corrective measures such as:

      Custom orthotics

      Custom orthotics are inserts designed for your individual arch support and musculoskeletal biomechanics. By taking impressions of your feet’s weight distribution, we can fabricate custom orthotics to compensate for congenital abnormalities or degenerative changes.

      Orthopedic shoes

      Orthopedic shoes can make an enormous difference, not only in your posture but in your everyday comfort as well. These shoes can be customized to fit your individual feet, providing necessary arch support while also cushioning your feet against long hours of wear and tear.

      Chiropractic adjustment

      Chiropractic adjustment can correct a misalignment that may be throwing your entire body off balance and making normal posture impossible. It can also relieve chronic muscle strain and joint pain caused by postural imbalances.

      Lifestyle recommendations

      We may recommend specific lifestyle adjustments to help you maintain a healthy posture. These suggestions may range from exercises to keep your spinal support strong to changes in your work habits or workplace arrangement.

      Straighten Out Your Health at Synergy Rehab & Physiotherapy

      Let Synergy Rehab & Physiotherapy straighten out your posture, comfort and health. Call any of our offices today for an evaluation from your Vaughan ON chiropractor!