Sport Injuries

From a mild tendonitis to complex post-surgical rehabilitation, sports injuries cover a vast dimension of conditions, causes and paths to recovery. Some may require little maintenance where as others may need more severe attention alongside daily assisted therapies.

There are many benefits to including sporting activities into your active routine; building team spirit, boosting energy and working to success. However, due to the demanding nature of sporting and high levels of adrenaline rushing through the body, there are also many ‘hurdles’ along the way that can restrict your level of activity or even halt it all together.

Although complex, sports injuries are simple to treat. Professional athletes are active for a living and are constantly surrounded by providers who are able to maintain and treat conditions as they show. Also, due to the natural strength and coordination of the athlete, their recovery time is more rapid and efficient.

A professional athlete will most likely heal and re-gain strength considerably faster than someone who only participates on a weekly or monthly basis. For those patients, assisted therapy and one-on-one injury education is extremely valuable in understanding what in the body has been affected and how to treat to the pre-existing state.

Treatments for sports injuries vary depending on the condition and cause.

1.Initially, traditional physiotherapy techniques of pain modalities are employed such as ultrasound, IFC (Interferential Current) therapy, laser therapy and hot/cold therapies.

2.Stretching and strengthening exercises usually follow to promote proper stability and spinal re-alignment.

3. Additionally, Manual Therapies, Chiropractic treatment, Acupuncture and Massage Therapy may be employed based on what our experts feel will lead to the most optimal recovery.

The professional staff at Synergy Rehab & Physiotherapy Centre offers the complete package in treating sports injuries and assisting in the prevention of re-injury. Whether the injury minor or severe our Athletic Therapist, Physiotherapists Chiropractors, and Registered Massage Therapist will provide the means and expertise to educate and treat our athletic patients back to their normal level of activity. They will assess and implement an effective treatment protocol for each specific sports injury.