Tendons are tough yet flexible fibrous bands of tissue that connect muscles to bones.Tendons allow muscles to create the motions of the skeleton in order to perform regular every-day functions. This is clearly displayed when looking at the top of your hands or feet when typing or wiggling your toes.

The irritation and inflammation of these tissues is referred to as tendonitis. This occurs when the smooth motion of a tendon is disrupted and aggravated causing pain and restricted movement. Tendonitis can be evident in any region of the body that is subject to over-use and can severely debilitate a person but if caught in the early stages can be easily treated and completely cured.

Tendonitis is extremely common in athletes who use much force with repetitive movements such as a tennis player who repeatedly swings a racket back and forth or a golfer who strikes a golf ball at high force and long ranges. Achilles tendonitis (connecting the calf muscle to the heel) is most prominent in dancers and athletes who bear much repetitive strain on the lower extremities.

It is also not unusual for tendonitis to develop as a result of an injury such as rotator cuff injury in the shoulder or post-surgery for knee injuries. When this occurs, it is due to the fact the injury did not completely heal when returning back to normal activity and the tendon becomes irritated. Sufficient rest and ample healing time is an important influence in preventing any post-injury tendonitis. Natural ageing can also contribute to the onset of tendonitis as the tissue loses its youthful elasticity over time and becomes more rigid, limiting the range of motion and making the body more susceptible to developing tendonitis.

In any case of tendonitis the symptoms are the same; Pain directly within the affected area, restricted movement, sensitivity, inflammation, an isolated burning or tingling sensation and/or warm or lumpy to the touch. If any of these signs of tendonitis are evident it is highly recommended to seek the assistance of a specialized health care professional in order to devise a practical and effective plan of treatment to accelerate recovery.

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